Prequel to the Sequel

Posted: March 24, 2013 in Love, Thoughts
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Most of us have read about love. We have seen it portrayed on screen by countless of actors and even experience it, if we are one of the lucky ones. And if we do experience it, we get to feel that momentary bliss that goes along with it. We feel happy, giddy and like we are on top of the world. We cherish those moments and hope that it lasts, but life is not always like that. Sooner or later, reality sets in and everything is not perfect anymore.

This is my story; actually, our story. But truth be told, this is not a happy story.

It is sort of a cliché actually. Girl gets introduced to boy. They become friends. She helps him get another girl but they end up falling for each other. It seems simple enough, right? It is the kind of plot that most love movies would have. But what they don’t show is what happens after the big ending. There is no sequel that shows what has become of the happy couple in the ending and what problems they have to endure. It always ends in that big epic moment, so that at least in the movies we get to see something pure and simple get preserved in time; even if we may never really get to experience that pure and simple moment. We have something in mind to keep us hoping and holding out for that once in a lifetime life-changing, mind altering, goose bumps on your arms and butterflies in your stomach moment and feeling. But sadly, our lives are not the movies.

So what happened at our sequel? Well, it was another movie cliché. Girl and boy dates happily together. They shared epic moments and actually thought that it was something that could have lasted, but fate stepped in and thought differently. Boy woke up one day and felt differently for girl. He left her and ended up with another girl. What happened after that is a whole other sequel to the movie.

Those blissful moments that turn into crap make us realize that nothing in life is ever as simple and effortless as it is compared to the movies. Life hands out trials, we make wrong turns, and fate steps in to change everything for the worse. But life is funny in some way, it always finds a way to make those stupid mistakes we made a blessing in disguise. Life will always give us another shot at happiness at our next sequel so we can experience again those life-changing, mind altering, goose bumps on your arms and butterflies in your stomach feeling. And maybe, just maybe, it will be the one that will be just like the movies.


My whole family are very religious. So, I was raised to believe what they believe in; but for some reason, I just don’t. I don’t get the point to half of the things that they are doing and I certainly cannot force myself to believe that there is some greater being out there that watches over us. Whenever they say that stuff, I automatically think of a person playing The Sims: Worldwide Version 3, and we are on free will mode but he still controls our destiny.

I don’t know why, I’m like this. But don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I am an atheist. I just don’t see the reason why they do what they do when they can do it some other way. And add in the fact that they don’t really follow what they are preaching, so it kind of made more sense to me not believe what they believe in.

Faith is a word that gets abused way too much. People use it as a final resort to get things done the way they want them to be done. But in my opinion, their version of faith and how they treat it is bull crap.

They are using faith as an excuse to spend wads of cash for something that is totally unnecessary. Take the “Church Project” in our village, for example. Renovating a place and spending thousands of pesos in the name of faith is completely and utterly ridiculous. You do not need a fancy place to gather people just so you can say that you are a person of faith. You can use a rundown building and it would still be the same. Faith does not depend on how fancy your gathering place is or how much money you’ve donated for that project, it all depends on each of us individually. That project is not a project based on faith or believing in the greater good; it is a beautification project just so they can show off to others how better the village has become. It would have made more sense to use the money to help others rather than use it to upgrade the value of some place that really does not represent anything.

Faith is not about fancy buildings, lectures that people rarely follow, or money/ in kind donations. Having faith means sacrifice, doing good things even when they are not required so, treating each other nicely even when no one is looking, respecting one another even if we do not agree with them. And isn’t that what they all say that we should do. I have never read in the Bible that He required the people to donate just for his cause. No, he just taught the people to treat each other better and believe in one another.

You do not need a person, book, money, or God-like figure to have faith. There is no magical being that gives that around and passes it on to others. We need to start believing in ourselves and in other people. We need to have faith in one another that we will treat each other the way a person should be treated, because right now that is all that we have.



This song has been stuck in my head for how many days now, and I think it’s trying to stay there for a while. I have also been raping the repeat button of my player just listening to 80’s-90’s music. I don’t know why, i’m feeling the old vibe today.

But it baffles me why musicians, movie makers and art people from our generation cannot make songs or art like they used to. I’m not saying that our generation sucks (cause there are some pretty decent stuff now), but why can’t we make more of the classics? Why can’t they make meaningful songs instead of all that “La-La-La” shit that young kids are getting used to?

Sometimes, i wish i lived during the 80’s. Or that my life was an 80’s romantic movie. I want the music from before to be the background music when some guy admits to me that he likes me or if we suddenly kiss under the stars. I would rather have that than Lady Gaga’s or Pitbull songs in the background while hanging out with the guy you like in some bar. Ughh.

But no, I have to spend my days day dreaming about 80’s music and romantic movie scenes while somewhere around people are playing Lady Gaga, drinking in clubs, admitting someone they like them THRU SMS, and doing randomly wild things cause that is what the media is portraying as awesome or cool.

During the Christmas break and days after that, I started hanging out with my brother’s friends. They’re really cool, funny and strangely kind and sweet. Honestly, I enjoyed hanging out with them, and I even wondered why I never bothered to get to know them before. It was strange.

Then I realized why. As much as I enjoy hanging out with them and finally being able to go out in our village and actually chilling with someone, the differences are just too much sometimes. They like different things, they do different activities. Probably the only similarities I have with them is drinking and smoking, beyond that, I’m not so sure anymore. And also add in the fact that I am more of an introverted person with the social capabilities of a rock. I don’t know why but I prefer being alone at times. There is something about being alone that really appeals to me. It may be the fact that I can do things at my own pace and at my own preference, with no interference whatsoever.

I can probably last weeks with no form of personal contact with others and still be able to keep myself sane. I’m just that weird.

Pencil Sketches

Posted: February 14, 2013 in Art
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Another batch of sketches. 🙂

Where it all began (1-22-13) <3

Where it all began (1-22-13) ❤

Highway to Hell (1-31-13)

Highway to Hell (1-31-13)